We ALL Want Successful Investments

Capital Assets – A Clear View … 

We ALL want successful investments

Jun 13, 2014 – by: Carl Sherrill – Business Planning / Construction Management / Architecture

For today’s business, in our new global environment, organizations must grow or die. … This applies to “the corner news stand” to works all the way up to major projects sponsored by international corporations & government agencies.

The need for clear thinking about necessary capital investments is critical. … The evolution of the business plan must overlap the building plan. However, a CEO (or CFO) may suffer an “emotional hi-jack” when facing the stress of a major investment in real estate, equipment & facilities.

To start, most proposed investments need to clarify THREE broad issues: … A) … Where to put it? … B) … What to put in it? … C) … How big to make it?

At first, these issues may appear “simple” – BUT in fact, they are complex & dynamic.

Some organizations such as Apple, McDonald’s, Wal-Mart, Dollar General, and Starbucks may understand this.

Organizations such as our Federal government can invest in real estate projects and then find that upon opening that new facility, their investment is already outdated and not nearly as effective as it should be.

Unfortunately, major business expansions such as (but not limited to) Krispy-Kreme, Fresh and Easy, and Del Taco (my 1st construction program in Atlanta when I was fresh out of college) did NOT effectively deploy their capital. … While, today, organizations such as Sears & Office Depot will close hundreds of stores.

Reaction is for wimps.

A CEO (and CFO and investors) may react to business situations and make major investment decisions without complete analysis.

Smart, up-front, effective and professional business planning delivers systemic organizational benefit.

Critical and sensitive planning may be delegated to people in the organization who LACK in-depth or experience or objectivity to be effective and unable to deliver maximum impact.

I have a pro-active, step by step process to customize to an organization to examine their situation.

This includes: … 1) … Market … 2) … Sales process … 3) … Operations … 4) … Personnel

With complete and in-depth preparation, the CEO may address investors with improved confidence to secure required growth funds in a competitive environment.

This is like helping the coach & ALL the team players work from the same play book.

When these issues are clearly illustrated with a substantive flow-chart on a time line, the CEO, with internal company leaders, gain a new, better & a more complete view of their organization.

As these issues are better clarified, proposed sites are analyzed with specific clarity, while schematic site & floor plans are prepared with better wisdom for the proposed sites.

With this specific wisdom, cost benefit ratios for the proposed investment are better analyzed and major projects can then be delivered with effective professional service.

This is a lot for anyone to wrap their mind around.

Very often informal conversations are the best way to begin this process to deliver a successful investment.

I guess I’ve delivered over 100 building projects in large corporate & Federal environments. … After introducing this process – my goal is for the CEO to ask: …“What next”? …

I hope this helps … Carl … carl@sherrillco.com … (c) … Carl Sherrill – 12Jun14

“The business plan is the Foundation for the building plan”


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