Common Sense ??? … New L.A. Apartments – Sunset at Gordon

This story defies logic! … I wonder – what’s REALLY (really, really) going on here?

The LA Times published a series of stories on the newly constructed 22 story apartment building located at the intersection of Sunset at Gordon. … To date, the latest story was published on April 23, 2015 – … Also, here’s a link to the preceding story (with photo) of April 22, 2015 …

A few tenants have put hard earned money to move into their new residence in this new building and now told to leave the building !

The reported LA County court decisions are baffling. I do not see broad social justice being addressed in this case. … IMHO – lawyers are playing pointless and VERY expensive word games with each other and new (innocent) tenants are victims. The word games these people are playing goes beyond reason.

Man made buildings are NOT nor can they be eternal ! … As I read these stories, the essence is that the apartment developer started this project with an intent to retain the existing 1924 historical facade from an existing on-site restaurant. The style of this new apartment building is not for me – BUT – the design intent was to “blend” that old facade into the new building design.

The old restaurant building was demolished during early stages of construction. Often when working with old buildings, many physical characteristics can not be fully analyzed until much of the “old junk” is removed. During demolition of that old building, it was discovered that the old facade was beyond restoration. Often buildings built in that era were NOT designed as long term monuments, so the developer reconstructed an on-site replica of the old facade in order to comply with the spirit of the City’s initial approvals.

Yes, many “old” buildings have a nice, comfortable character and feel that can not be replicated today. That feel – and smell – and sounds are created as one moves horizontally thru the real three dimensional spaces of the old building.

However, beyond any sensory and relatively low-impact social issues ALONG WITH engineering and material science facts as implied in this case, is the fact that the courts and City Attorney are investing a considerable amount of time and resources into a situation that does not really make that much difference. … Don’t they have any bigger and REAL fish to fry?

We as a society must move ahead. … Where’s the common sense for the tenants here?


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