Do you need to learn more about the relationships between your business planning -&- major investing in sticks-bricks-&-dirt? …  Well then, post your questions here … & … let’s find some direction …

R/E PREP: Commercial

your research … your analysis … your decisions …

Do you want success with your commercial R/E investments?

How can you avoid costly headaches in commercial R/E when others avoid them?

Do you need to explore new strategic thinking to expand your business?

In today’s changing global environment, new thinking is required to succeed with the art & science of commercial real estate.

1) R/E PREP Commercial supports creative problem solving & better communication.  We are serious about commercial real estate to proactively enhance business strategy & reduce risk. The general discussions here support better business thinking, planning & better contracts. This general information is to stimulate professional analysis.

2) R/E PREP Commercial facilitates better face-to-face discussions to assist diverse professionals such as: … attorneys, builder-developers, commercial real estate brokers, buyers, owners & sellers, investors, lenders, project owner representative, real estate title representatives – AND – others to become better informed, oriented & educated in some fundamental as well as some finer points of contract formation.  We can not circumvent attorney-client stuff, NOR address specific negotiations between a specific buyer or seller or investor.

3) R/E PREP Commercial Is a reference for your better decisions. Many people may blame “the contract” (& call the lawyer a deal breaker) for problems actually created by bad pre-contract discussions & / or poor negotiations.

Education only! …  This is blog is for top level business leaders (CEO’s / CFO’s & their investors) along with commercial real estate professionals to discuss issues associated with the “foundations” of their business contracts, business planning, & financial resourcing. … No spam; no self-promotion is allowed (such will be removed).

4) R/E PREP Commercial also helps proven industry specialist become better known in the global project finance / investment industry network outside of their local locations.

5) R/E PREP Commercial is NO substitute for legal council nor a substitute for specific face to face discussions between a given buyer, seller, or investor. … It is NO substitute for individual deal negotiation (nor mediation) … It’s here to promote better thinking for everyone involved with critical business planning for major real estate investment.

6) R/E Prep Commercial’s goal: Stimulate proactive thinking with industry professionals to make better, more intelligent decisions.

Moderator: My name is Carl. My job is to deliver smart capital investments. I’ve delivered a lot of commercial real estate & facility projects for the Federal government & large corporations.  Frankly, I lost count of the exact quantity – but I don’t think that makes much difference. … Many projects were small; some large. The list includes (but is not limited to): a lot of new build and remodels for fast food restaurants; many jewelry-sporting goods-toy stores; about a dozen banks & financial facilities; a big Federal lab / a few Federal Courthouses, offices & miscellaneous military / security projects, shopping centers & warehouses & a lot of other stuff. 

There’s NO NEED to reinvent any wheels for that next & unique capital investment …

What do you think? Carl Sherrill carl@sherrillco.com

Business Planning / Construction Management / Architecture

“The business plan is the Foundation for the building plan”


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