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More info on crowdfunding this week

This sounds like a new day is finally dawning for business fund raising.

This week, the SEC updated rules for crowd funding / new equity offerings per the JOBS act. … On April 9, 2015, Forbes magazine offered a good introductory video with three national experts on these latest SEC rules. … see …

These folks talk about some of the most recent (& IMHO overdue) news on REG ‘A’.  For real estate, one speaker – Sam Guzik (a securities attorney in L.A.) suggests that for some real estate investments, a “Tier 1” equity offering offering may be appropriate.

Another major rule clarification relates to how entrepreneurs “test the waters” to see if their new potential equity offering appeals to new potential investors.

Of course – as the attorneys recommend – talk with a securities attorney before doing anything.


New Crowdfunding Tool for Real Estate Projects Emerges – But Tread Carefully

Dan Wolf in San Diego forwarded over this note on the new and expanding world of crowdfunding for real estate.
– See attached link – It was authored at Fox Rothschild LLP, dated April 7, 2015 … “Last week, the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) adopted final rules that will make it easier for real estate firms to pursue capital raises of up to $50 million in a 12 month period.”
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