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Good Reference – 2015 Orange County Workforce Housing Scorecard

As a good reference, this last weekend, I found this document as produced by the Orange County Business Council.

See … “2015 Orange County Workforce Housing Scorecard” … re:

OCBC does a good job to explain many social and economic issues impacting today’s business environment that can support the provision of more workforce housing.

Here is an introductory quote from that document:

“With the 2015 edition of the Workforce Housing Scorecard, OCBC analyzes current and projected future trends in order to understand where workforce housing in Orange County is headed and how it will impact demographic, economic, and business competitiveness factors. … This report seeks to answer three key questions:

1. How are current trends in Orange County and its cities impacting workforce housing?

2. What will be the state of workforce housing in 2020 and 2040?

3. What actions or policies need to be enacted to increase the supply, availability and affordability of workforce housing?

For questions or comments about the report, please contact:

Orange County Business Council – Web:


It’s good to see the Economist (magazine) are starting to think in 3 DIMENSIONS

The three major issues underlying a smart capital investment are:

a) … where you put it

b) what you put in it … and …

c) how big you build it …

The micro-location- site area & land use are the starting issues.  It’s good to see a publication like the Economist (April 4, 2015) present a cover story on this very important economic & social issue … see …